Smoggy morning

What would you do if you wake up to smoky morning?

That’s what is happening right now in my place.

As I ready to head outside today, I was shocked how it was outside. It was all covered with smog and I could hardly see the house on the other side. Moreover, the sun was not like a normal day sun, it was red darkest.

It was so hard walking with bare face.

Sydney’s bush has been continuous for a month and still going on. Because of the smoky environment, it has been difficult for people to breathe in while walking out of the house. People have been wearing a mask to cover themselves with the smoke but it has been worst to nature. This could affect the climate.

The day looks like night.

The most common causes of bushfires in Australia include lighting strikes, trees falling on powerlines, dropped matches, cigarettes, sparks caused by power tools, farm machinery and controlled backburning escaping.

The most attractive place looks like this at the moment.

A Day off

On Tuesday, it was a bright sunny day and we planned to go out to eat. We got dressed up with our suncream on and ready to roll in the city. The distance between my place to the city was 12 minutes from the train and in no time we reached there. We reached the most known place, the opera house. We did not exactly go there because we have been there many times but we strolled around the restaurants nearby to eat. We started clicking pictures as well and forgot we were there to eat as well.

I was. almost there but my hand

After so much of deciding what to eat, we concluded eating Chinese and went to a famous Chinese restaurant for which we had to catch a train. Before catching a train, we bought some drinks from outside because it was a “BYO”. We reached there in 10 minutes and was almost 6 pm. When we reached there, we waited for another 5 10 minutes because the restaurant was so packed and till the time we ordered food. Finally, we got a place to sit and food was ready as well. We ate the food and talk about for 30 minutes and left the place. I reached home at 9 pm and almost tired.

We were so busy eating I forgot to click the pictures of food.



5 minutes of Mediatation in a day

Do you ever take time for yourself and sit down in this position? 

People should sit in this position at least a minute to calm themselves from their hectic schedule. I do not meditate every day but at least try 2 to 3 days a week.

Meditation is also a skill like any other skill. It improves with the phase of time. Meditating should be a part of everyone’s morning routine. It is to the mind what physical exercise is for the body.

Whenever I start to meditate, I could not focus which is the most important thing and the hardest part as well. But when I feel stress, I take a minute a long breathe which works absolute right on me.

If you meditate, it helps to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression.

Meditation increases our ability to handle new situations.

You can even meditate while sleeping turning the soothing music and trust me it works as well for having a good sleep.

I use the headspace app to calm myself and to take time for me to relax my mind and body.

Let me know what you guys to keep yourself calm?


How people are getting distracted

People, nowadays are so much occupied by the digital world. And it is good to obtain and be updated with the information around you. Nevertheless, being with a with a mobile phone have become more important than being with loved ones.

A woman trying to multitask with gadgets


Even kids get so happy when parents let me to use any mobile phones or iPad. They do not tend to play with friends rather they prefer being isolated using gadgets. Not only talking about the kids, moms have been also so busy with their gadgets having less time with kids. They prefer capturing the moments of kids rather having own moments with kids.

Kids prefer having time with gadgets friends.


This age of people tends to get distracted easily by any friends circle or person. Now in this time adults feel incomplete with any kind of technology in theirs life. They enjoy posting every single moments on any kind of social media platform. Mental health has become a serious topic. There are incidents where adults has killed themselves when they have victim of cyber bullying.

Adults engaged more with mobile phones than teacher.

Old people

Indirectly or directly, technology has created a gap between the adults and old people. Grandparents are not getting time to spend with their grandkids or kids as they are busy with technology. Any kind of relation has became a second priority.

Old woman being lonely.

Lets us share in comment how technology has affect on your lives being in a positive way or a negative way.

Hello 2020

2019 has been a roller coaster ride for me. I am welcoming this year with full opened hands with a lot of excitement. This year I would be open to things than I was not before because when you confront any things or situation you would learn from there. This year I focused more on my mental well being.

I am stopping myself from

trying to be happy

trying to be optimistic

trying to be motivated

trying to be accurate

because when you try to be you forget being to yourself.

This year might bring the ease in the way I would think or look at the things. I am welcoming this year with open arms to happiness a bit of sadness because you need a bit of that as well. This year, I would not be so overwhelming in small situation and calmness would be in the priority.

My First Blog

Moving Out

Because of globalisation, World has became smaller and we are being witness with so diverse cultures. When I was 19, I moved to Australia to pursue my further study and came across this different culture but I was enjoying that from inside. 

Three things that surprised me:  

1. You say “you’ to everyone.

2. You call everyone by their “first name”.

3. You have to follow each and every rules.

Let’s share yours  experience while you move to new place.

Photo by Ibrahim Boran on Pexels.com